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Shop For A Cause

Oh fearless traveler, are you ready?

You can be part of this year-long celebration of giving back in a way that is meaningful to you. 

Here at Be A Travepreneur, I am about empowerment, social good, and of course travel. 

This year we can start the holiday season off with donating to United for Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico, as seen in the recent news and social media, has not fared well this hurricane season. Still! 

Hurricane support isn't and should never be seasonal. Travel isn't, so why should relief? 

How can you donate?

Below, are "products" in the shop that can be added to your cart for purchase. Your donation will then be forwarded as a charitable donation to the United for Puerto Rico on behalf of Be A Travepreneur.

As a bonus, you will be automatically entered for a special gift from the Be A Travepreneur Shop.

If you decide to make a donation directly to the United for Puerto Rico page, please send me proof of your donation and you will be qualified to enter for a special gift too.

Happy Giving!